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Add double-square brackets around words you want to link to other pre-existing articles on Wikipedia — usually proper nouns are good candidates for this. To avoid wasting your effort, make sure you have searched around for alternate titles. Shoichi Yokoi was conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army in Ancient pages — pages created long ago that may need work Special: Neutrality If you feel you, your organization, or your friend, band, or site are notable, please consider asking a neutral third party ideally an uninvolved Wikipedia editor who has edited similar articles for their opinion before proposing an article on the subject.

Consider writing such articles on our sister project Wikinews. Doing this, along with not copying text, will help avoid any possibility of plagiarism. Finally, please note that superficial modification of material, such as minor rewording, is insufficient to avoid plagiarism and copyright violations.

If further introductory material is appropriate before the first section, it can be covered in subsequent paragraphs in the lead.

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Even material that you are sure is in the public domain must be attributed to the source, or the result, while not a copyright violation, is plagiarism. The lead itself has no heading and, on pages with more than three headings, automatically appears above the table of contents, if present.

How to create a pageand start over. In this case, I already knew where the museum was located, but I still needed to support it with a published reference. The lead should establish significance, include mention of consequential or significant criticism or controversies, and be written in a way that makes readers want to know more.

Even if the subject you want to write about is not already covered, 'not everything is suitable for this encyclopedia'. If you are unsure of the notability of your article, you are welcome to ask for help in our central forum or in our IRC channel wikipedia-simple connect.

This may be later today, tomorrow, or several months from now. It assumes that the reader already knows this—an assumption that may not be correct, especially if the reader is not familiar with Ford or Chevrolet.

Articles that contain different definitions of the topic Articles are primarily about what something is, not any term s.

Wikipedia:Your first article

When the page title is used as the subject of the first sentence, it may appear in a slightly different form, and it may include variations.

Generally, an article is nowhere near being completed the moment it is created. They should provide an overview of the main points the article will make, summarizing the primary reasons the subject matter is interesting or notable, including its more important controversies, if there are any.

I usually start writing an article because I stumble across something interesting somewhere and want to find out more about it. Copyright As a general rule, do not copy-paste text from other websites.

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Try to give local-interest articles local colour. Peer review, known as refereeing in some academic fields, is a scholarly process used in the publication of manuscripts and in the awarding of money for research.

What Wikipedia is not — what you should not be writing Wikipedia: To continue, click on one of the options below: If you do not have enough material to write a good stub, you probably should not create an article. New pages — pages created recently Special: Please research with the best sources available and cite them properly.

Replace the asterisks with your title, in mixed case.It is best to try changing a few existing articles before you create your first article.

We want our articles to be right. If articles are not formatted, referenced or in Simple English, they are often deleted.


Learning a bit of our local style first increases your chances of success. Wikipedia:Writing better articles Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Wikipedia:Writing better articles

This is an Remember that every Wikipedia article is tightly connected to a network of other topics. Establishing such connections via wikilink is a good way to establish context. When writing an article, always aim for completeness. Oct 20,  · How to create wikipedia page, How to Make a Wikipedia Page.

How To Create Wikipedia BackLinks, How to create a user account on Wikipedia, How to make a Wikipedia Article. The Article Wizard will help you create your article in Draft space, and will put some useful templates into your draft, including the button to click when you are ready to submit the draft for review.

Nov 11,  · Edit Article How to Write a Wikipedia Article. Wikipedia is a web-based encyclopedia that anyone can edit, similar to most wikis. With over five million articles in the English language alone, Wikipedia is the fifth visited website according to the Alexa rank%(69). The Article Wizard will take you through all the steps you need to do to comply with Wikipedia's guidelines while taking all the guesswork out of getting published.

The sandbox tool offers you a space to experiment with your first article by writing it out and previewing it.

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Writing a wikipedia article wizard
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