The immorality of legalizing abortion

Next - a discussion of the balancing of the right to life and liberty of woman and fetus, is not complete without a few words about what the Christian God thinks about all of this - after all it is to this higher power many anti-abortion stalwarts turn to justify their attempt to convince the public, and convince women, that the fetus has a right to life and liberty over a woman, conception to birth, no exceptions.

InColorado became the first state to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape, incest, or in which pregnancy would lead to permanent physical disability of the woman.

Mainstream American values will never again accept the death of the born woman from illegal abortion. Thus, every birth creates more suffering, especially when the child is unwanted.

Can support abortion only if having desires is a necessary condition for having the right not to be killed. Bolton[ edit ] Main article: Abortion, unjustified killing, and overridingnessarcdigital.

The Legality and Morality of Abortion

Though the medical profession expressed hostility toward feminism, many feminists of the era were opposed to abortion. Marquis argues that murdering someone is wrong because it deprives them of future value. You probably noticed I talked about the first and third trimesters, but not the second.

Illegality affected the safety of abortion but it never affected the number of abortions that were performed. So, rather than asserting that human life begins at any specific point, the court simply declared that the State has a "compelling interest" in protecting "potential life" at the point of viability.

Better to save one life than to lose two. An abortion is necessary to save one life, the mothers, where two lives would be lost without it. Bolton decision defined "health" in vague terms, justifying any motive for obtaining an abortion. A fetus defined as a human being would constitute that abortion is morally wrong.

Balancing the right to life and liberty of woman and fetus is morally right. First, We can be clear that God saw a born human being woman as having a right to life and liberty over an unborn human being fetus, from conception to birth, no exceptions.

The Immorality of Abortion

As an example, in Chicago, a group known as " Jane " operated a floating abortion clinic throughout much of the s. InPresident Bush signed a new bill that gave a fetus rights.Proponents of abortion have been trying to justify abortion and paint it with a moral brush for as long as the pro-lifers have been condemning it.

One of the principal arguments put forward to humanize abortion and portray it in a moral light is that the fetus is not yet human being. Our nation and others are murdering a whole generation of humans in mass infanticide that was legalized in January of by the Roe v.

Wade decision made by an unrighteous group of people on the Supreme Court. Now forty-three percent of all women have an abortion and forty-seven percent of abortions are repeats. Support of abortion on the basis that an entity cannot possess the right to life unless it has the desire for its continued existence can easily be disapproved by the fact that failure of an individual to have interest in something does not mean that the individual does not have a right to it (Marquis).

Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice: Should Abortion be Legal?

Apr 08,  · Views on abortion, As ofpublic support for legal abortion remains as high as it has been in two decades of polling. Currently, 58% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 37% say it should be illegal in all or most cases.

What composes abortion's immorality is not just the fetus' rights being infringed, it's the nature of abortion, the procedures of abortion, and the Christian belief that abortion is murder.

Abortion in the United States

Roe v. Wade is the landmark case that lead to the legalization of abortion in stating that abortion is 4/4(1). The argument that one cannot believe abortion is both immoral and should be legal depends on the assumption that the immorality of abortion is substantially greater than the immorality of forcing pregnant women to carry to term.

Otherwise, the autonomy of the pregnant woman would be .

The immorality of legalizing abortion
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