How to write an implication for research

Furthermore, there is an ongoing need to accumulate, synthesize, and disseminate existing knowledge—that is, to construct the cumulative knowledge base on assessment design and use that lies at the center of Figure 8—1. Stainback and Stainback state that "qualitative researchers seldom claim that their reports are totally unbiased.

Our study could thus be extended in search of statistical, rather than analytical, generalisability, as we have sought here. Finally, as discussed in Chapter 3Limitations of the study, further work is necessary to examine the practices of knowledge mobilisation and information work at the level of the executive management team, and from the particular perspectives of the individual directors, rather than the CEO alone, as we have done here.

The study recommended that teachers build upon this research to explore the potential for cooperative interactions between students in the classroom. However, the precise nature of such changes is uncertain.

What personal style do I tend to adopt i. This would be a good way to get other students in the future to work harder on the science fair. Research on how students learn subject matter should be conducted in actual educational settings and with groups of learners representative of the diversity of the student population to be assessed.

The interpretation model must incorporate this evidence in the assessment results in a way that is consistent with the model of learning. Assessment tasks and procedures for evaluating responses should be designed to provide evidence of the characteristics of student understanding identified in the cognitive model of learning.

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Validity in research is the degree to which a study is honest and true to its intent, its context, and its reporting. Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: To permit wider adoption, the research would have to generate principles to ensure that others would not simply replicate the surface features of an innovation.

Reaching the end of your dissertation completes a physically and emotionally daunting task that has enveloped the last several years of your graduate school life. In longer theses, it is usual to situate findings in the contexts of past and future research. To take advantage of the new tools, many teachers will have to change their conception of their role in the classroom.

If it was a moment of vivid insight for you, it may well be a breakthrough for your audience. This was the first year that the researcher required students to have a science mentor to help guide them through their research, and it has become evident to the researcher that science mentoring is essential to the success of the student in science fair competition.

Further research can thus shed light on the dynamics of knowledge circulation, sharing and exchange among this particular group of individuals, asking what sort of infrastructure they need, both individually and as a group, to support the knowledgeability of the top team.

Furthermore, students will not necessarily respond in similar ways to assessment probes designed to diagnose knowledge and understanding.

Here are some example transitions sentences or additional topic sentences that would help organize the writing of the implications section. One could also ask whether and to what extent it is possible to identify different ideal types of knowledgeable managers, so that a typology of managerial forms of knowledgeability can be constructed.

Also needed are methods and tools both for eliciting appropriate and relevant data from students and for interpreting the data collected about student performance. Validity in research is the degree to which a study is honest and true to its intent, its context, and its reporting.

Showing, not telling about your findings, is the best way to let your reader know what you discovered. Demonstrating how your new work fits neatly into the field here will help prepare you on the academic job market, where professors on hiring committees will ask you this question in a variety of different ways.

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You should touch on these themes in the implications section.Chapter 6 Conclusions, implications of the study and directions for future research In this study, we have sought to respond to a number of research questions related to how knowledge mobilisation is understood, performed and enacted in everyday working practice of NHS trust CEOs in England.

» Current students» Learning development» Research writing» Conclusions» Drawing out implications. Drawing out implications. Conclusions» Processing findings» Drawing out implications; As part of reflecting on what your findings mean, you need to draw out the implications of your findings for the field itself and/ or societies.

In. Read chapter 8 Implications and Recommendations for Research, Policy, and Practice: Education is a hot topic. From the stage of presidential debates to to Login Register Cart Help. Implications for Future Research Introduction In our original review of the current state-of-the art, and in the Summary Review of the Literature, we presented four recommendations for future research.

Conclusions and Implications The most important parts of a research report are the descriptions, analyses, and interpretations of the data.

What you do with the. Implications for future research. Our study, being of an exploratory and interpretive nature, raises a number of opportunities for future research, both in terms of theory development and concept validation. More research will in fact be necessary to refine and further elaborate our novel findings.

How to write an implication for research
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