America should have been named after

Today I found out how the Americas got their name. Amerigo and the New World: Americus is Latin for the Italian Amerigo.

Amruca is, literally translated, "Land of the Plumed Serpent". His son sued the crown to fulfill the contract he made with him. Some scholars have picked up the term with a reference to the illegitimacy of colonialism.

Columbus was in search of the western passage to India, in order toincrease the speed with which Europe could trade with Asia. He probably did reach the mainland although there is some dispute on that question. However, the story behind why this is the case is somewhat more interesting and quite a bit less well known.

Final years Not long after his return to Spain, Vespucci became a Spanish citizen. Engraving by Johann Froschauer for an edition of Amerigo Vespucci's Mundus Novus, published in Augsburg in In the 18th century, three unpublished familiar letters from Vespucci to Lorenzo de' Medici were rediscovered.

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The second sense is now primary in English: He came across the letters with the spurious account of Vespucci's exploits and named the continent in his honour.

Is it not probable then that these lands were already named by the inhabitants thereof? Bobker, London There's no conclusive evidence, just several contending and contentious theories, but it seems unlikely that the two continents are named after Vespucci after all, it would be Vespucia, or Ameriga, wouldn't it?

Magnaghi, Alberto Amerigo Vespucci: He proposed the Soderini letter was not written by Vespucci, but rather cobbled together by unscrupulous Florentine publishers, cutting and pasting together various accounts, some from Vespucci, others from elsewhere.

Do you think america should have been named after amerigo vespucci?

Americus is Latin for the Italian Amerigo. However, the term is open to uncertainties: Ben Roome, London Regarding the question, "why not Vespucia, then?

Amerigo Vespucci

Was America named after Christopher Columbus? The letters were a sensation, and were reprinted in every European language. He was not an accomplished seaman. Magnaghi, Alberto Amerigo Vespucci: This star is highly significant to the occult elite.

The third letter was sent from Lisbon after the completion of that voyage. While his elder brothers were sent to the University of Pisa to pursue scholarly careers, Amerigo Vespucci embraced a mercantile life, and was hired as a clerk by the Florentine commercial house of Mediciheaded by Lorenzo de' Medici.

Naming of the Americas

Further, Hudd used a quote from a late 15th-century manuscript a calendar of Bristol eventsthe original of which had been lost in an Bristol fire, that indicated the name America was already known in Bristol in Assorted new flora and fauna there.

He died on February 22, at his home in SevilleSpain. From these letters, the European public learned about the newly discovered continents of the Americas for the first time; their existence became generally known throughout Europe within a few years of the letters' publication.

He found the west indies and thought it was India and that is why he called them the west indies. Columbus landed on an island he named San Salvador, which now is apart of the Bahamas in This star is highly significant to the occult elite. Archived from the original on January 9, When North America was later added, the mapmakers of the time retained the original name.

Another was written from Cape Verde in in the early part of the third of the four voyages, before crossing the Atlantic. Vlad, Golden, Colorado According to both Columbus and Vespucci, they had found a country, more thickly populated by people and animals than their Europe, Asia, or Africa. Being both entertaining and educational, his accounts of the new world were reprinted in almost every European language.

Similarly, and contrary to a recent tradition that names Amerike as principal owner and main funder of the Matthew, Cabot's ship of[12] academic enquiry does not connect Amerike with the ship.Why Isn't America Named After Christopher Columbus?

Naming of the Americas

Christopher Columbus named America after Amerigo Vespucci, which was based on a letter said to have been written by Vespucci, but which. Peter MacDonald, author of Cabot & the Naming of America: A Revelation (), asserts that Cabot named his discovery after Amerike because "[Richard] Amerike sought reward for his patronage by asking that any new-found lands should be named after him." MacDonald doesn't stop there.

Christopher Columbus might well have had the new world named after him, had it not been for two shortcomings. The first was that Columbus was under the mistaken impression that he had found a new route to Asia and was not aware that America was an entirely new continent.

Amerigo Vespucci

The most interesting question of all is why America was named after a guy who was otherwise so obscure. For centuries it was argued that Amerigo Vespucci was a fraud who had never traveled to the continent that bore his name and did not deserve to have either of his names applied to anything.

The naming of the Americas, or America occurred shortly after Christopher Columbus's voyage to the Americas in It is generally accepted that the name derives from Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer, who explored the new continents in the following years. Verified answers contain reliable, trustworthy information vouched for by a hand-picked team of experts.

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America should have been named after
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